Tuesday Top 4 : Books I read to prepare NaNoWrimo


Today, I decided to share with you some of my writing companions : books on creative writing. The followings are my all time favorites. They do offer methods and tips you can actually learn, understand and reproduce, based on well known books and films.


OOnWritingn Writing, Sol Stein : One of the most classic among the classics. Sol Stein lists the mistakes he often sees as an editor and explains how to fix them. I like his very pragmatic approach and multiple examples that help improve your writing. It’s chapter on dialogue and dialogue set ups and tags completely changed the way I write them.


MakeASceneMake a Scene, Jordan Rosenfeld : If like me you are a planner, this book will help you cut your plot into scenes and craft them according their nature and place in the book. I really like the fact that objectives to reach are listed in each scene section. Loose rail tracks, exactly what I like.


writing-subtext-linda-seger_mediumWriting subtext, Linda Seger : One of my all times favorites. It shows you how to imply instead of showing and usually, the result is pretty powerful. The first part of the book itself is so useful to help you wave subtext into you work that it’s worth the price by itself.


from2kto10kFrom 2k to 10k, Rachel Aaron : This book taught me a lot of things about knowing myself as a writer and organize my writing work. I never reached 10k a day but I did reach 5k on several occasions. It covers everything from taking a scientific approach to How to improve your productivity to novel plotting and revisions. Don’t hesitate.

4 réflexions sur « Tuesday Top 4 : Books I read to prepare NaNoWrimo »

  1. Of the four, I think Sol Stein is the very best..
    But he seems to have made quite a business of it hahaha.. so many books.. but he is good, really good..
    There are others.. but hey, this is your blog 🙂 So no plugs for others 🙂

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