NaNo Prep Diaries : 5 things I need to plot

This, my friend Is NaNoWriMo prep times and I’m serious, I mean business, I am so motivated I am ready to spend day and night at my keyboard, let my kid binge Peppa Pig on Youtube and offer my husband a subscription to the dry cleaning service. I even am ready to buy a new cushion to my cat in order to make sure she’ll be comfortable on my desk during my writing sessions.

To write a good story, I need an outline, that’s imperative. I already have compelling characters, the kind I’ll make you root for, the kind you’ll want to see again and again and again. And, you should see the setting. It’s urban, so’ you’ll be able to imagine what it looks like but it’s original enough to take you on a crazy journey through the pages. Actually, I yelled “bouyahhhh” when I had the idea of the setting.

Of course, I’ll create conflict between the characters, the kind that is born in universal frustrations , yes it’s about a girl, but not only. You’ll see, you’ll see, you’ll be amazed. Yes I am pretty sure of me. I need to be. I need to be persuaded it’s going to be good because plotting is realllllly hard.

It’s so hard, I read a book to help me, from that famous author, Tabby ? Turbo ? Turby ? Ah Yes, Truby. It’s quite good. It gives me the steps to follow but  I feel it doesn’t fit with my story, so it’s not very helpful. Nope. And the book is sooo long, I feel like I’m wasting my time after only 20 pages. Ok, I’m doomed. I’m fucked, this book is never going to pass the outline phase. I need a raid on the internet, I need to compensate, I need cute things, nice prints, girly style, I need the cutest notebook possible, the one that will take me back to my writing roots and give me some kicks. Once I get my fix, I’m sure everything will go smooth.

Hello, my name is La Duchesse and I’m a notebook junkie.

This article is an answer to today’s prompt on the Daily Post : Home Turf.

4 réflexions sur « NaNo Prep Diaries : 5 things I need to plot »

  1. J’ai tout lu, presque tout compris 😀 ( ok j’ai tricher, j’ai pécho reverso -_- ) mais du coup je peux dire que j’aime ton article !

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