NaNo prep diaries : finding a story

This post is an answer to today’s prompt on the Daily Post : Mountain Tops and Valleys.

I feel like a champion, I feel like I’m on top of the world, I feel like a goddess : I found a story.My muse has visited me on my commute. And I need to tell someone, I’m so excited.

As I come back home , I log in my Google + profile and launch a Hang Out session. Bianca’s online. Great. I’m sure she’s gonna LOVE this story.

Shiny Duchess : I found an idea for the novel I wanna write during NaNoWriMo !
Dazzling Bianca : Neat. I’m still looking. It’s always when I need my muse that he decides to take a leave.
Shiny Duchess : Chase him with a pitchfork. Wanna hear my idea ?

I’m all fidgeting on my chair. I cannot wait to tell her.

Dazzling Bianca : Go ahead, fire away. And after, I’m gonna get drunk.
Shiny Duchess : Got booze ? I should have come straight to your place. Anyway. It’s an impossible love story between a space cowboy and an alien princess.

My fingers type faster than they ever have. My story’s so good it can’t wait to shine to the whole world.

Dazzling Bianca : I like that.

I raise my arms to the ceiling. They form a V above my head. I knew it.

Shiny Duchess : You see there is a lot of unresolved sexual tension between the two of them because, even if he loves her, he can’t commit.
Dazzling Bianca : Classical.
Oh, come on B, don’t be a buzzkill. I’m gonna make you change your mind.

Shiny Duchess : Yes and no. He’s a spy, and he’s not really here. The twist is that the princess only sees a projection of him, like a solid hologram.
Dazzling Bianca : And the alien people, they’re blue ?
Shiny Duchess : Yes !! The color of trust and innocence. How did you guess ?

We read each other’s texts all the time. She does know me very well.

Dazzling Bianca : That’s fucking Avatar.
Shiny Duchess : Damn. Why are all my ideas stolen by Hollywood ???

I head straight to the cupboard in my kitchen and snap a chocolate tablet.
I feel like an empty bucket, like a worm, like an oblivion without a spark.
My muse is a fraud.
A last bing sneaks out of my computer.

Dazzling Bianca : Wanna come home ? I’ve got two glasses.


19 réflexions sur « NaNo prep diaries : finding a story »

      1. Amazing ones too.. you know.. hmm.. that is quite a plot in itself hahaha.. write a story about these shadowy men who steal your ideas and thoughts..

        But *gasp* they stole Avatar from you, that is unforgivable 😀 See, wear a lead lined hat all the while.. and the Echelon teams riding outside on the streets cannot catch your stray thoughts then 🙂

      2. Hahaha.. then you will complain that I stole it from you before Hollywood stole it from me.. haha..
        Anyway, what do we care about people who steal ideas from us? They can only ever steal.. They cannot ever create like we do 🙂 So if someone steals your ideas, wait for them to fall over their own lies.. they cannot create anything like that ever again.. only we can 🙂 And I am bloody well sure that you can create hundreds of those.. take care.. and write.. would love to see you becoming a famous author (And then I can claim, as well, that you stole my idea haha)

      1. Oui j’avais lu cet article 🙂 tu as bien raison de prendre du temps pour toi. On a tendance à oublier sur la toile que les gens on un quotidien a gérer hihi c’est cool en plus ce moyen qu’on a de pouvoir tricher en planifiant les articles, je m’en servirais sûrement un jour ou l’autre ^^ ( encore une découverte lol)

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