[Writing 101] Dear Villain In My Novel

Dear Villain in my Novel

I haven’t visited you in a long time and for that I apologize. I have not been giving you enough attention, I admit.

But I am here to make amends and tell you I’ll take care of you from now on. Reading other stories, I have realized you are the one character who gives dimension to the whole story and you actually are the hero of your own journey, the spotlight that shines on the entire cast of characters.

Without you, no one would ever notice them.

As a writer, as your creator, it is only fair that I treat you with the same respect and attention than the main character. From now on, I’ll develop your personality, nuance it, give you noble motivations and a vision of an ideal world you could live in. After all you are a character too. I mean to give you people you genuinely care about, virtues and ideals to stand up for.

You’ll be a great support to this extraordinary woman recovering from the total destruction of her possessions, her heart and her life. Yes, I know you love her madly and no one could ever replace you by her side.

You’ll stand up for your ideas and value and we feel obliged to act. The fact that managing intervention forces is natural to you won’t be held against you nor be written in a pejorative way. You are a natural born leader and thus will meet great opposition. But I’ll give you scrupules, second thoughts, doubts. You won’t be tormented, just trying to assess if you’re doing the right choices and trying to foresee the consequences.

You might eventually lose battles but I promise it will be in a great epic manner, the kind that launches legends, the kind that inspires songs, the kind that makes reader wonder if, after all, you weren’t the real hero of the book.

Yours sincerely,

Itchy fingers

5 réflexions sur « [Writing 101] Dear Villain In My Novel »

  1. Tres bien! Je aimé votre letter. There. That’s all the French I know, well, all that’s applicable. I’m so impressed by people who are bilingual! Americans are so remiss in our language education. What is the proper word for this sort of letter in French?

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