Potato liquor kind of case

This story is an answer to today’s prompt from the Daily post : From the top.

Amanda entered Yolande’s lab with a puzzled look and a bottle of vodka wrapped in a napkin. She sat in front of the microscope and just counted up to four and as usual…

“You’re blocking my sun honey”, Yolande joked, pointing at the bulb hanging from the ceiling.

“A couple of shots ?” offered the blue haired girl.

Yolanda finally raised her head from the microscope’s eyepiece.

“Alcohol.You had a rough day ?”

Amanda stood up and fetched two vials on the counter behind her. She handed them over the table and tried to opened the vodka bottle with her fingertips.

“Come on”, Yolanda said, “Give that baby.”

Amanda frowned her nose and obliged.

« Cold vodka? But you hate cold vodka. »

Amanda nodded.

« It’s that bad then? » Yolande asked and offered a full via of potato liquor to her lover.

“I came across this man this evening…”
Yolanda pointed at a pile of files and parcels.

“Come on honey, short version. General Diane still expects me to turn these tests results by the end of the day”.

“He offered me to do it all over again” Amanda explained.

“Do what ?”

“ My life, all over again” she answered emptying her vial all at once.

Yolande felt her blood turn into ice.

“Ancient magic ? I never liked these monks, no wonder you’re messed up”

Amanda raised her head, lips shivering.

“I would do it, without a second of hesitation” she said hastily.”I would’nt have to plug my bionic leg to the wall everynight, I wouldn’t have to exercise for hours just to be able to move around with my robotic limb. I wouldn’t be a freakshow. I would have a normal life.”

Yolande felt her heart sink and get stuck in her guts.

“But I can’t” Amanda finally admits, trembling.

“Why ?”

“Because  I wouldn’t meet you”.

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