Blason du NaNoWrimo

Nanowrimo, a short presentation

What is it about ?
NaNoWriMo is a writing challenge happening in november. Participants will try to write 50 000 words in 30 days, which means an average of 1667 words per day.

To reach your daily word count, you need to turn your inner editor off, forget the backspace key and avoir correcting what you write. This way, your writing flaws more easily and becomes more creative.

The first goal of this challenge is to obtain the first draft of a manuscript at the end of the month. You have no obligation to publish or submit your text to anybody.

You’ll only do a copy and paste at the end of november pour validate your victory. The pasted text will immediately be deleted by NaNoWriMo’s computer. You keep all the rights on your manuscript.

Why do it ?

  • Because it’s a crazy challenge, a unique opportunity to do something out of your daily routine and challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone.
  • Because you won’t be alone. NaNoWriMo has a great community that will help youreach your daily wordcount via real and online meetings and writing sprints.


  • Because all forms of writing projects are welcome under the NaNoWriMo tent (phd dissertations, scripts, short stories collection, novel, manuscript rewriting, aso.).
  • Because, at the end of the month, whether you’ve reach the 50 k target or not, you’ll have a draft you’ll be able to revise

Want to learn more about NaNoWriMo ?

 Nanowrimo‘s website

Vidéo of Chris Baty, NaNoWriMo’s creator


This post is an answer to today’s assignment in writing 101. I used several messages exchanged with Jessmcombs and Thistles and Whistles .

16 réflexions sur « Nanowrimo, a short presentation »

  1. Oh goody!! Anyone can do it? Ok, I am game for it.. er.. it only means that I would need 30 good whiskey bottles.. and heck, if that is the case then I might just do 50k words each day hahaha..
    Thanks for this.. good tips..

      1. wow, you did? I am already intimidated…
        Wow… I am talking to a four times winner?
        Hmm, whiskey may not compete well with chocolates, especially if it is a woman eating them 😦
        Ok, will try it this time then.. thanks for this post 🙂

      2. yes, but, really, if you’re passionate about your writing, you’ll succeed. Some of my nanofriends are 10 times winners.I’ll keep on posting on NaNoWriMo in the coming weeks.

      3. 🙂 Thank you, yes.. I might try it then..
        I hope we get to read yours when it is done 🙂 Actually I have very little idea how it works, will look at it now.. thanks..

      4. I think I’ll post about Nano culture next week. It’s a global bunch of fun, you’ll see. For How it works, it’s quite simple, you inscribe yourself, find a home region in the forum and write everyday. You’ll be required to update your word count. at the end of the month, you copy and paste your manuscript in the validation box and tadaaa. That’s it. You’ll find a lot of information in the forum.

  2. Thank you ❤ I take all the support I can get. This also means i'll be blogging less. I hope I'll be able to make at least weekly recount of how it's going. Last year was a total nightmare. I stopped blogging altogether when it started.

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