Tuesday Top 4 : Writing Apps and sofwares

scrivenerScrivener : My favorite software for my novels. I can gather my outline, character sheets, researches and my manuscript in a single file. It needs a little time to learn bit offers a lot of useful features : worcount target, isolated writing, name generator…

Download :  https://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.php

Price : $45 (search the web, you can find coupons)



scapple_logoScapple : 
Created by the same company than Scrivener, this free writing app allows you to drop and organize your ideas. Contrary to other mind mapping softwares, you do not need to start with a central idea. It’s very intuitive and I use it a lot when I create a new universe. I can write and link all the different elements.

Download : https://www.literatureandlatte.com/scapple.php

Price : $17



ommwriterOmm Writer : It was created by communication agency executives who had to solve their copywriters problem: focus. The result ? a small app who offers an immersive and visual writing experience.

Your creativity is stimulated via bacjkground colors for the writing window, different wallpaper options, fonts, sound effects and music. 

Ommwriter is on fullscreen mode to help you focus on writing. it also offers very few options to play with. The goal is clear : you’re her to write

Download: http://www.ommwriter.com/

Price : $6 minimum



google driveGoogle Drive : I use it for short fiction and blog articles. I can access it from anywhere with wifi or via my smartphone. Google Drive offers many possibilities : create files, fill them with docs, tabler folders or slideshows. I can upload many types of files (pictures, video, zip).

I can share my texts, invite other people to read or give feedback.


Price : free


Une réflexion sur « Tuesday Top 4 : Writing Apps and sofwares »

  1. I love Scrivener – I write absolutely everything in it and I really don’t know anymore how I got any work done before it. I have Scapple, too, but I don’t use it very often. I prefer to do my planning by hand…

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