Mycroft already has a file

I’m a big Sherlock fan, actually I can write my own list of signs of addiction to Sherlock.

My ringtone’s the theme of the show



When I see 


behind my building, my first thought is that Moriarty is just around the corner.



When I left my job earlier this year, my colleague offered me a teapot and a matching cup. These ones :


If people ask me “who” I’m wearing, I always answer :


If they tell me I look good, I answer :

Of course, I hum the thieving magpie when I’m washing the dishes :



When people call me on the phone, I answer :




Ok, now that I write this things down, it occurs to me that I’m actually a huge Moriarty fan.

But don’t tell anyone.

Mycroft already has a file.


This post is an answer to the prompt of the day on the DailyPost blog : These horns are made for tooting.

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