Blogging 201 : 3 goals

Our first task of the day is to define 3 blogging goals to keep focussed and improve our blogging practice.

So, here are my goals, plain, simple, mesurable so, you’ll be able to keep me accountable if I don’t achieve them.

  • Establish a blogging calendar till the end of the year and stick to it.
  • Write november posts in advance in order to keep my blog alive while I’ll be doing NaNoWriMo.
  • Connect to a larger base of readers (break the average 100 views/day)

And , just out of curiosity, do you guys have any blogging goal ? what are they ?

6 réflexions sur « Blogging 201 : 3 goals »

  1. Great Goals « L » and here our mine:
    1. Publish twice a week the rest of September and October. (Perhaps develop a weekly feature for one)
    2. Spend two hours a week visiting my fellow bloggers, reading and commenting.
    3. Spend two hours a week reading about Agape LOVE since that is the main type of love that I write about in hopes of encouraging and challenging my fellow human beings.
    I am looking forward to reading more of your writing and hopefully we can encourage one another to achieve our goals, s’il vous plait. (my French is practically nonexistent which is almost a telltale sign that I’m an American)

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