I’m Fed Up with Cultural Elitism

 This article is an answer to today’s prompt on the Daily Post : Fun platform : If you were the new leader of your country and had the chance to transform something that’s currently an annoyance (or worse) into a very fun activity, what would it be? How would you go about the change, and why would you choose that particular thing?

I live in a country that believes Culture matters. It even has created a ministry to preserve and promote Culture. We love Culture so much we have a mechanism to help people who work in the entertainment industry make ends meet. That’s the bright side of the coin.

The other side of the coin isn’t pretty. Not everyone is entitled to Culture. Not everyone has the right to call themselves an actor of culture and even less to be recognized and supported as such.

It’s called cultural elitism and it’s based on the belief that only a few are “real” painters, actors, sculptors, film directors, writers…
And of course, only very few people are entitled (most of the time, it’s self entitlement) to decide who’s in the cultural club and has the right to, express him/herself and who’s not.
The official artist stamp of approval.
And I’m not even talking about providing learning and teaching resources to everyone who wants to learn. 

Of course, when someone champions the provoking idea that all forms of cultural expression are respectable – and for what I know, all forms of writing, whether it’s novel, poetry, scripts, articles or flash fiction – shields are raised in the air, little monarchs jump on high horses and denounce a conspiracy of people who want them harm, of people who only think about themselves, and do not appreciate the beauty of culture. 

I say it’s bullshit.

I say it’s only legitimate to let whoever wants to learn access resources that will support their learning curve.

I say let young artists perform and share what they create.

I say, let writers enjoy the diversity of writing and build their very own beautiful and fabulous voices.

Let’s encourage diversity and make culture and writing fun.

Like Anand said in his post Follow the followers post, let’s not be afraid of discovering new paths, new people, new creators, new authors.

Let’s step out of our comfort zone and embrace the cultural wealth that is just a few steps away, just a few pages away, just a few clicks away.

Chances are, you might stumble on something you appreciate, you might meet a young struggling artist/actor/painter/writer you could actually help.

You could even grow as a person.

And let cultural groups and learning institutions encourage initiatives from their communities and be places where serendipity and diversity are their greatest wealth.

According the prompt, I’m leader of the cultural world for a day, but I’m really only able to think about writing.

I’m gonna create an initiative with a great sense of fun and tolerance that would challenge any writer to push their personal limits and reach the crazy goal of writing 50 000 words in a month.
Every one with a writing project would be welcome. I’d even create a program to encourage children to write and have fun.

Oh wait… it does already exist here.

3 réflexions sur « I’m Fed Up with Cultural Elitism »

  1. Thank you for saying this, I truly appreciate it. But you know, it is a global phenomena, and not limited to culture alone. Why, we on WordPress may also be accused of forming our own peer groups or coteries and gangs 🙂
    But I know what you mean – that elitism is obnoxious. But on the flip side it gives mediocrity a chance to pompously flaunt itself. I am not sure where that leads us. And anyway, who is to judge what is brilliant or what is mediocre 🙂 I would like to truly believe there is egalitarianism in culture or the arts. It is not practical, but I hope it happens.

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