How I beat creative burn out and procrastination

On April 28th 2014,  Grant Snider wondered in a tweet if procrastination kills creativity or is essential to it and it rang a bell in my head when I read it this morning.

Sketchnotes-technique-for-producing-ideasLast year, I read A Technique for Producing Ideas by James Young . The book offers a 5 step technique to produce new ideas, but he also explains the creative cycle.
According to its author, creative people go through a cycle of two phases : receiving and producing. The intensity of the first is proportional to the intensity of the second.
And if the first one is shallow, the second one is mediocre.

During receiving phase, two sorts of things can happen : Creativity block and procrastination.
Creativity block is a result of a creative burn out, whereas procrastination is a defense against ill defined goals and misplaced expectations.

I have experienced both and came out with tricks to make sure they both are going to be fruitful.

Creative burn out

SplitShire-1233For a creative burn out, I like to switch to another project or another task. My favorites ? Photograhy and cooking. As I get my body and mind in motion to create something new, ideas slowly flow back in my head. I welcome them as they come and tries not to jump on them in order to find the right angle.


procrastinationI try to turn it to my advantage.

On a basic level : I clean, tidy and sort what needs to be taken care of in my house. The mind often follows the body. Sorting my belongings allows me to sort my thoughts.

On an intellectual level : I try to work on another project, learn something new, watch a movie, solve a problem.

The key to be able to move forward is to set achievable and specific goals. And be easy on yourself or you’ll end up wrapped in guilt. And yes, your really need to check your expectations.

Procratination does not kill creativity. Perfectionism and fear of judgement do.

This post is an anwser to writing 101 day 5 assignment.

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