Writing 101 : Things I like, Things I’ve learned, Things I wish

Today’s assignment for writing 101 was to make 3 lists : the things we like, the things we’ve learned, the things we wish.

Here are my lists, written without any importance order in mind.


Things I like


  1. My ergonomic pillow. It was a revolution for may sleep. My husband calls it the brick.
  2. Cook for my family and friends.
  3. A very cool mojito with a lot of cholate-mint and lime, sans alcohol.
  4. The jubilation of writing
  5. Write in different and unusual places. This summer only : a farm, a cabin in the mountain, a small sea city.
  6. My current computer.
  7. Compassion.It’s the key to a better world.
  8. read on my kindle in the dark.The word comes down to the book and myself.
  9. Travel and know I’ll discover a brand new universe.
  10. Ask questions, a lots of questions, always learn about people, their story, their loves, their fights.


Things I’ve learned

  1. Listen before talking
  2. Help other, solidarity is essential
  3. Transform negative emotions into something constructive and positive
  4. use my emotions to write
  5. Focus on something and not getting disturbed my exterior events.
  6. Never let go. Keep working to realize your dream.
  7. Believe in myself. it took a lot of time and work.
  8. Not being afraid of being wrong. Mistakes are always an opportunity to learn
  9. Preserve myself from negativity of others and always promote optimism.
  10. Brain is the new sexy (Irene Adler said it, Aaron Sorkin too).


Things I wish

  1. Peace in the world, seriously. End of slavery and slaughter of masses by a few minorities, really. Every child should be able to go to sleep safe.
  2. Properly earn my living with my writing
  3. Open a center for writers. Offer residences and training programs. The residence laureates would be the students mentors.
  4. See my child thrive and shine on the world around her.
  5. Raise my child in a way that allows her to express her full potential and be whoever she wants to be
  6. See my friends and family happy
  7. Bring joy and warmth in the life of people I meet everyday.
  8. Be a promoter of education and instruction of girls and women.
  9. See human race learn from its own mistakes.
  10. Finally see sherlock’s season 4

Let’s finish the article on a light tune :

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