Bodycount…not a solution

Amanda jumped in the van, relishing on the thought of her comfortable seat near the window and her traditional after fight cuddle party with Bubba. The soul eater did not give good comfort talks but he was the best at making you feel like an angel after a shitty day, with a simple hug.

Her jaw dropped when she saw her friend with their protégée, Gia. He held her in his big harms while she had her head on his shoulder, eyes closed, obviously relieved.

Amanda felt her trigger finger fidgeting but worked on the stress ball she kept in her pocket. Raising the body count inside the team was not a solution. Building on her frustration to take down the enemy was. But damn, she was impatient to see that girl go and get her Bubba back.


This post is an answer to today’s prompt on the Daylipost : Mouth dropped.

It is also a piece of free writing  to prepare my forthcoming NaNoWriMo.

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