NaNo is coming

Wait, september is here ? It means NaNoWriMo is in two months from now and I still havn’t written my novel outline. Aaannd it’s the perfect excuse for me to buy a new notebook 🙂

Seriously, September is the ideal time to slowly start Nano prep.

So what’s my version of NaNo prep ?

Clean my desk

I get rid of anything paper that is not NaNo related, which means I try to settle all paperwork before november. As I showed you on the pictures this summer, I keep my headphones, something to drink and maybe a notebook and a pen on my working space.That’s it. I don’t want anything to clutter my mind while I’m writing.

Raise my daily wordcount

The first NaNo I did was in 2010 and I remember taking pain killer for my wrist. Going from 0 words written a day to 1667 words(of fiction I mean) was the equivalent of trying to run the 10K at the Olympics with zero training.

So now I try to  prep my mind and my body and it starts with a daily practice of 500 words. I’ll use them in free writing, testing my different characters and their interaction. It helps me find their voices.

Outline my novel

I’m one the planner/architect side of the writers which means that I am unable to jump into a writing project without thinking about it before and jolting some notes. I tried in 2012 to do a free writing NaNo and that was a big failure, the only time I did not complete my project. So I outline and this is for me the most difficult part in writing a long project. But once it is done, I have a clear view of where I am going and it makes my writing sessions smoother.
And you, if you’re doing NaNoWriMo, how do you prepare ?

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      1. My God, you are a champion!! Nice to meet you 🙂 I would get inspiration from you 🙂 🙂

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