Last day of my summer writing challenge : the results

So, here is the conclusion to my summer writing challenge.

It lasted for almost 2 months.

I have not missed a single day nor cheated, but clearly, it was long enough. It think if it had lasted more, I would not have enjoyed it anymore.

During the month of august my frustration built on the 100 words format. Yes, it has taught me to make choices and cut all unnecessary words (kill many of my darlings) but, in many cases, I wished my texts were a little more elaborate, with a lyric feeling.

Although I have been quite exhausted by this whole adventure, I think it has been extremely positive on many levels I :

  • gained confidence in my creative abilities & quicked my performance anxiety in the glute gut
  • discovered how much I love interacting with readers
  • tried many genres (romance, teen, mystery, horror, chick lit…)
  • actually got to enjoy writing poetry (I should really write that post about why it is so marvellous that I do write poetry)
  • got to work on my novel for NaNoWriMo
  • found an idea for my next novel
  • inspired another writer to try the challenge (I am so happy and honored to have inspired her)

At the end,

I produced : 53 texts, including, 6 poems, 1 song and 4 ongoing serials 5 (Morning light, Casey and Sabina, Gia’s awakening and The Lake House alternate universe) and it’s more stories than what I have written since the beginning of the year.

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This article is the third and last in a series of three about the end of my summer writing challenge.

You can find my stories through the search engine with the key word « 100 word story ».

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