Tuesday Top 4 : Self motivation writing mantras

Today’s top is entirely about building momentum in our writing experience and keep it high. In this matter, I find mantras and  can be very helpful. They keep me focussed when life get in the way of my writing and challenges me.

Here are my 4 favorite ones  : 

wonder-woman-533663_640Believe in yourself : Easier said than done, I know but it’s the first thing that is going to carry you up till the end of your writing project. Believing that you can actually do it and that you will. Nobody except you has the ability to write your story down, because… it’s YOUR project. Whatever the obstacles, if you believe that you can write this story down, you will.

keyboard-690066_640Be productive : Yes, that’s right, the secret is out. If you want to succeed and reach the goal you’re settled on, you have to work on it, everyday.

Maybe just a little like 100 words a day.
But do it.
You’ll get better, stretch your creative muscle and find unexpected treasures in you and your writing. After a while, quitting will seem silly to you. Because you will have grown so much as a writer and because you will have achieved so much, a day after another.

And it starts today.
Sit at your desk and write. Do it again tomorrow and the day after and so on. That will lead you to make time for your writing and build a writing habit. Include it in your daily life.

sparkler-839831_1920Reach for awesome : Yep, no less.
The awesome is what YOU find  awesome.
Try and find the stories, books, movies and TV series that speak the most to you, that you absolutely love.
Pick your favorite ones. Add in some music, radio, art in the mix, Your awesome will grow even more awesome.
Then, binge on it, get inspired and let the awesome factor infuse in your work and make your writing better. Even if you think  your writing sucks (we all do at some point), the good news is : it can get better if you aim to write the awesome stories you love so much.
When you write about what you like in a story that matters to you, it’s lore likely you’ll stick to it.
The stories deserve it, the characters deserve it, your readers deserve it (even if it’s only aunty Paula), and you deserve it too.

sport-204547_640Never give up : Yes you have been rejected and will be rejected again and again and again.
And that stings to say the least.
But, each rejection gets you closer to your goal. If you give up in the middle of your learning curve, then, it’s only gonna be that, an abstract curve stocked somewhere in your subconscious. And you’ll have no stories written and only a passion that turned into frustration.
Don’t wait for your muse to show up if you to show her first that you’re ready to work on what she’s giving you.

Stick to your writing and you’ll find inspiration, you’ll find the stories that matter to you the most and  write them. 

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