Last day of my summer writing challenges : obstacles

To be honest, I did not face catastrophes during this summer writing challenge but daily life stepped in the way big time, in such a manner that I could often have given up.

But I was on a challenge. And I hate to lose, so I held on tight on my objective.

I know I would not have completed the challenge without the help of my husband, my beta reader and my other friends form the internet, who showed an incredible availability when it came to help me get back on track. And it wasn’t easy.

I identified two types of obstacles, those that came from myself and those that came from the outside.

  • tiredness,


  • lack of inspiration agony,
  • boredom,
  • doubt,
  • frustration,
  • procrastination,
  • internal editor,
  • low spirits,
  • illness
  • noise
  • being disturbed


  • long family diners
  • long car drives
  • no internet connexion
  • several thunder storms
  • excited mosquitos
  • family blunt stares
  • arguments
  • two jealous cats


What I take from this obstacle race, is that I would have given up wihtout support and encouragements. I partly owe my success to people who helped me during last two months. To the readers too? They showed enthusiasm and asked for more. That’s all I needed.


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This article is the second in a series of three about the end of my summer writing challenge.

Rendez-vous tomorrow for the last article : Results.

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