Blogging 101 : how did it go ?

During three weeks in august an in parallel of my summer writing challenge, I participated in Blogging 101, a course offered by WordPress Blogging University.

I had already attended blogging 201 in October but I wanted to go back to the basics and retrospectively, I was right.

During three weeks, the DailyPost team gathers thousand of enthusiastic bloggers accross the woorld and walks them through the ABC of writing for a blog and the daily care of a blog.

Personalizing, widgets, social calls, where to find inspiration and free illustrations, basic analysis of statistics, everything is made to help our blogs take off.

An assignment is sent to participants everyday via e-mail and each of us is invited to share experience and questions in session website, The Commons.

The Commons is a private place where people can share their doubts, questions and problems. Contstructive feddeback and support is provided by the other participants. Good will is often let because we all share the same experience and face the same kind of problems.


The session is intense. There are only 24h between assignments which does not let you overthink the whole process.

Participants produce on week days ( posts, comments, new item for the blog) and are invited to think about their blogging during the week-ends. Things move forward fast and the community is always here to provide support.

The results for my blog are extremely positive. My trafic increased dramatically and I finally took an editorial turn : write both in english and in French. I now publish articles, stories, and pictures. Content is richer and search engines happier 🙂 .

During this session, I digitally met a lot of extraordinary bloggers, bloggers I’m sure I’ would have met other ways. They all answered my questions with a lot of kindness, patience and sometimes passionate involvement .

I hope I managed to help some other participants too.

I loved Blogging 101 so much I subscribed for blogging 201 next month, hopping to meet again a part of this newfound community and further develop my blog.

What my classmates say :

7 réflexions sur « Blogging 101 : how did it go ? »

    1. Thank you. I thought I might hit 2 target s with the same stone : connect to a larger audience and improve my english in the same time. I am very touched that native english speakers never pick on my spelling or my grammar, I also feel I sound a bit clumsy sometimes.

  1. I would love to read your post in French but I guess I have zero knowledge of it although I’ve attempted to learn as I really think the way French speak are so romantic 🙂 English is also my second language so I applaud you for your eagerness to improve in it and I can relate with the struggles. Love your work!

      1. We all need the support we can get 🙂 and we should always give credit when it is due. I really hope I can read your posts in French and may more people from your country read them to appreciate them 🙂

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