Tell Him Or Lose Him Anyway (July 22nd)

This post is an answer to today’s writing prompt on the Dailypost blog : The sincerest form of flattery.

I chose to write à la Mlle Louise style which I know quite well since I have been beta reading her work for quite some time now.

I chose her today because she is by far one of the few writers I know to be able to write so well about emotions without dwelling in melodrama or pity party style. She’s also a deep POV master but she does not know it.

This story is a part of my summer writing challenge : writing a 100 word story everyday, the 14th installment.

You can read all the details of my challenge and my reasons for doing it (and not CampNaNoWriMo) here.

I hope you will like today’s story and please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

Casey entered the kitchen hoping she would run into Alexander. He had plans to leave town and never come back and she could not stop thinking about it. She felt an urge to hug him and slowly let her tongue slip between his lips and maybe let her hand reach the small of his back. But, what if he thought she was just a silly annoying kid and never ever wanted to talk to her anymore or worse, even, refused her politely saying he saw her like a little sister. Hey she suddenly realized, tell him or lose him anyway.

2 réflexions sur « Tell Him Or Lose Him Anyway (July 22nd) »

  1. Love it ! Actually, I love the whole 100-words-story-a-day thing, and find this one very refreshing. Makes us travel back to teens… Thanks, Laduchesse! And keep ’em going!

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