Opa’s smile (July 19th)

This post is an answer to today’s writing prompt on the Dailypost blog : Finite Creatures.

It is also a part of my summer writing challenge : writing a 100 word story everyday.

If you read french, I explain everything there is to know about my summer writing challenge here and also why I don’t do Camp NaNoWrimo anymore.

This piece is the 11th installment. 

I hope you will like it and please do not hesitate to leave a comment.


Opa breathed heavily. His wrinkles seemed to drop an inch every other minute. Hopefully his notorious smile would fix his face into place. He was still the merry spirit, but he looked grey.

”I don’t agree” I claimed.

“Why is that my dear boy ?”

“You’re gonna die. I want to make the death angel go away.”

“Oh, please don’t. Where would the fun go if people did not have an expiration date ?”.

“Food and drugs administration with a complaint ?”

His grin followed his nasal oxygen pipe and for a second I saw the grand father I remembered from my toddlerhood.


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