Dealing With The Clock (July 18th)

This post is an answer to today’s writing prompt on the Dailypost blog.

It is also a part of my summer writing challenge : writing a 100 word story everyday. This piece actually is the tenth one. It’s been challenging, pain in the sass style – but I do enjoy the process.

I hope you will like it and please do not hesitate to leave a comment.


I enter the building with the eyes of a child at Versailles Palace. Marble floors, gold plated banisters, 80 meters long art nouveau canopy. Welcome in the HQ of a CAC 40 company.

My job interview is set on the second floor but stairways are forbidden to high heels : eighteenth century carpets. Dress sophisticated but take the stairs. My first sip of corporate tough love.

Now, where’s the elevator? My pulse quickens, I’m going to be late. So much for a wow first impression. Employees don’t walk, they hurry, they’re intense.

Constant clock ticking pressure ? My answer : regular spa therapy.


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