100 dollars an hour (July 14th)

Today’s story is an answer to 100 Word Story website photo prompt of the month.

This story is a part of my summer writing challenge : writing a 100 word story everyday.

You can read all the details of my challenge and my reasons for doing it (and not CampNaNoWriMo) here.

I hope you will like today’s story and please do not hesitate to leave a comment.


The door opened and light suddenly stuffed the room.
– What are you doing here, Lilly ?
– Finding my inner peace.
– Bullshit. You floating alone in a dark pool? This is nuts.
– Well, if you had used your brain instead of jumping to false conclusions, you would have understood that this place is my temple of solace away from my urban life, joke worthy job, two frantic toddlers and a mindless husband. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back floating. At 100 dollars an hour, our little domestic just costed me 6 bucks. Don’t wait for me.

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