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Daily post : Schmictionary of Marsala

This post is an answer to the daily post prompt Dictionary, Shmictionary

I  admit I used a word I wasn’t quite sure about for the Ready, Set, Done prompt on the Daily Post blog. We had only 10 minutes to write a story. No editing, no correcting, no time out to think or google a word.
In the story I wrote, a young woman is waking up after a night of fun and wild partying with her lover. She has beer in her hair. But beer isn’t indicating anything else than common beverage. I wanted to hint that the night drove both my characters out of their routine and that they got creative. So I had to include another clue. Marsala. Sounds great. I love this word but I can never remember what it is : something to drink or something to eat  ?  A liquor or a cheese ? Anyway, it sounds exotic so I wrote it in and googled it this morning. That’s a liquor and it works well in my text. I got lucky this time.

You can read the text here (it’s in French).

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